About Us

Biohazard Remediation and Disinfecting Services in Sacramento, CA

Forensiclean is a family-owned and operated company specializing in crime scene clean-up, blood cleaning, death cleaning, and hazardous waste transportation in Sacramento, CA.

Biohazard Remediation and Disinfecting Services

Our team of professionals ensures the health and safety of our clients to hazardous materials, such as viruses and diseases that can be present in the blood. Having been in business since 2013, we use our expertise to provide professional cleanup services and restore your place to its original condition.

Why Choose Us

Our mission is to treat every client with compassion and understanding, as we fully comprehend the difficulties involved in removing unwanted waste after a tragedy. All our trained staff are certified in the latest OSHA and EPA guidelines. We are on call 24 hours a day to handle any situation that may arise.